Learn to fly at Eaglescott

Glider Flight

The gift of a GLIDER FLIGHT over the North Devon countryside for a special occasion is an excellent choice.

Gliding usually takes place in the afternoons to take advantage of the warmest time of day with the best chance of thermal activity. The glider flight may be prolonged in the summer months, due to the sun being at its strongest and therefore beneficial for gliding. The experience commences with a short explanation of the glider’s controls and their functions and how the glider is launched. Once strapped into the glider the Chief Flying Instructor, Barry Pearson will give a full briefing. Barry started gliding in 1971 and formed the North Devon Gliding Club in 1977.

The flight commences with our glider tug aircraft moving into position and gradually reaching the point when the 150ft of rope we are attached to becomes tight, whereupon the tug aircraft accelerates on full power and we are away! After a few seconds the glider lifts off the ground to follow in station behind the tug as we slowly ascend to approximately 2000ft.

During the first minutes on the climb you will see beneath you, the rich green pastureland of the small farms, the rural idyll of Devon, the rugged outline of Dartmoor to the South and the large undulating hills of Exmoor, with South Molton to the North East. As we continue our climb we see unfolding the expanse of Barnstaple and Bideford Bay and the estuary and, on a clear day Hartland Point, Saunton and Lundy can be picked out. We reach our altitude and release from the tug aircraft and as it does so we watch it turn and dramatically spiral to our right. Then a moment to enjoy the quiet of our gliding flight. You will hardly notice our forward movement, indeed the speed is only 45knots(50mph). Only the light rush of air over the large perspex canopy is heard. The view is breathtaking!

Now it’s time to experience the controls. Your attention will be drawn to the horizon and where it appears in relation to the nose of the aircraft. You will feel the controls as we gently ease the nose up and down in pitch, and then by easing the stick left and right, how we bank and turn to change direction. You will then be able to fly the glider throughout the rest of the flight; all the way to touchdown, if you wish!

The Aerotow climb to altitude takes approximately 4 to 5 mins and after release from the Tug aircraft all gliders descend at approximately 250 feet per minute, therefore the descent back to to Eaglescott will take a further 8 minutes.  Total average flight time is therefore, 12 – 15 minutes.  If you wish to have a longer flight then we suggest you look at our gift voucher section at the Eurostar two seat light aircraft.

The view on a clear sunny day can be spectacular and the exhilaration of a GLIDER FLIGHT which you participated in flying throughout, lives long in the memory! Our gliding season commences at Easter and finishes at the end of August.

The cost of 1 flight is £99.

Glider Flight


As above, but with 3 flights, spread over the day
is £199.

3 Glider Flights

COMBINATION FLIGHT.  A 30minute flight in our two seat training aircraft followed by a flight in a Glider.  The 30mins flight takes you out around the North Devon coastline.  You will be taking the controls from soon after take off and bringing the aircraft back to touchdown.  After this flight you will have a break before having your flight in the glider.  Details of the  glider flight can be found above and details of the 30mins flight is shown on the Light Aircraft gift page.

The cost of this package is £189

Combination Flight