Aerobatic Flight

Ever fancied aerobatics? If so, a 30 minute flight in a de Havilland Chipmunk is for you. The De Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk prototype, first flew on 22 May 1946 from Downsview, Toronto, Canada. It entered military service in 1948 and was the primary training aircraft for the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and Army Air Corps until 1998. (50years in service!) Indeed, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight still has a Chipmunk available to convert today’s fast jet Eurofighter and Tornado Pilots to conventional Piston Tailwheel aircraft, prior to being converted to the Dakota, Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane!!

Your experience commences with a preflight walk around of the aircraft, after which you will sit in the front cockpit for a full briefing. You will be engaged in the starting of the aircraft, making some radio calls and after take off and passing 1000ft you are given a demonstration of pitch and roll, you will then climb to 4000ft. You will level off and reduce the power and perform level turns at various bank angles. You will have a wonderful view of the local area & North Devon Coast. A demonstration is given of G-forces prior to performing a loop followed by a roll. You will then take over for the descent and approach to the airfield and make radio calls, entering the circuit of the airfield. Then you fly the aircraft down to touchdown!! You will shut down the engine and then have the opportunity of a photo shoot with the family. ie ‘Top Gun’ pictures with all the family gathering around whilst we offer to take pictures

Aerobatic Flight.