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Fly For Fun - Bill Thomas
Fly For Fun – Bill Thomas

Bill Thomas’s Fly for Fun is still the classic textbook for understanding not just aerobatics but the basic mechanics of flying. A great aerobatic instructor, US Aerobatic Team member, and judge in the 1970s and ’80s, Bill often said that many pilots approach flight as if it were driving and get in serious trouble when they find themselves in stalls, spins, or even flipped upside down. He taught hundreds of students to become safe, competent pilots while he worked with more experienced pilots to hone their skills for competition. Intended to accompany instruction by an aerobatic experienced CFI, Fly for Fun is written with Bill’s remarkable understanding of aerobatic maneuvers along with his great patience and humor. After he passed away in 2009, there were so many requests for both his books that his family has republished this one and also Fly for Fun to Win